Tailgating – the PlantPure way!

Laura Dietrich

My husband and I love going to football games: the excitement, all of the fans, and of course delicious tailgate food.  It can be somewhat of a challenge though if you are plant-based.  Here are a few tips that we use to make sure we have a fun and healthy tailgating experience:

  • If I am going to someone else’s tailgate party, I always bring a heavy appetizer to share.  One of my favorites is Dixie Caviar with baked chips or hummus, pita bread, olives and pickles.  Another is a  fresh fruit platter with a ‘caramel’ dip made from pureed dates (yummy).
  • If I am hosting the party then it is a bit easier.  We often bring a huge pot of beer can chili (plant-based of course) and keep it warm in a crock pot.  We have also brought our grill and cooked veggie burgers along with all of the great toppings to make the burger really tasty.  If I am short on time I might get several large vegetarian subs from our local deli and load them up with as many plant-based toppings as possible.
  • I always make sure that I have eaten before we go into the stadium as I have found very few options once we enter.  But the way I think about it is – I am there to watch a great game – not eat a bunch of junk food!

So bundle up, put on your favorite college jersey, enjoy great friendships and go team!


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