Getting Started on Your Whole Food Plant-Based Journey

Often times we are overwhelmed with everything there is to learn about a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle. After watching many people venture into this healthy journey, we have our top 5 tips that will help you start and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

1. Build a healthy pantry. Clean out your pantry and refill it. “Out of sight, out of mind!” Learn to read labels and dispose of the unhealthy foods begin stocking your pantry with healthier foods and staples that make preparing whole plant based meals easy. You can find a convenient pantry list on our website ( 

2. Plan meals for the week and prepare grocery lists. This makes it easier to stay on task and keeps costs down.

3. Invest in a few helpful cooking tools will reduce your time in the kitchen: knives, a food processor, and a good blender. There are a multitude of great kitchen appliances and tools but start with the basics and work into more items as you feel necessary. These tend to be most people's most used kitchen tools.

4. Eat out wisely. If you enjoy eating out, seek out restaurants that offer “plant based” meals where everyone can find enjoyment. Happy Cow has a list of go to places that offer vegetarian and vegan entrees.

5. Connecting with like-minded people who can support you throughout this transition. Don’t be too hard on yourself as you learn from your mistakes and successes. Every meal is an opportunity to make corrections and learn. You will undoubtedly get better at this lifestyle as you go.


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