A Testimonial From PlantPure Challenge Winner Sharyn Councell

"I've been a strict vegan for many years, and at first I lost a lot of weight. 
Then over the past few years, my weight crept back up197lbs to be exact.
So I'm struggling along using my fitness pal counting every calorie. Losing weight was such a struggle.

Then one day I'm on Facebook and my favorite chef, Chef Fernando, owner of PlantPure Cafe in Philadelphia is going to be featured on PBS. I couldn't wait to watch it!

So I'm watching his segment and he is talking about why he changed the name of his Cafe, to PlantPure Cafe. He also mentioned the movies Forks Over Knives and PlantPure Nation, and how, after meeting with these people from the movies, he decided to take processed, oil-based vegan food off the menu and replace it with amazing whole food, whole grain, plant-based food. All I knew was I must watch these movies! 

The very next night I invited some girl friends over and we had a viewing party.
There it was, that missing piece to my health quest! I just knew this was the way of life I wanted. I gave up all oil and all processed vegan foods. That was it. Weight came off effortlessly. Finally, the perfect diet! I can eat as much as I want. And I do! I love my food and cooking and baking have become a real passion of mine. Also, spreading the word about whole foods living. 

For the first time in my whole entire life, I have a healthy relationship with food! Seriously, this is big! I also can't stop researching! I'm hooked on Nutritionfacts.org. I also watch everything McDougall on YouTube, along with Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Esslestyn. These guys are my rock stars! 

People are interested and want to know what I'm doing. That's when I realized, to get people to listen you have to be the example. So I put 100% trust into what these guys are saying. I follow the rules and it works! Not only did I lose 45 lbs, but I feel great! I'm energetic and most of my aches and pains have vanished! 

People think it's too hard and restrictive, but it's the complete opposite! It's freeing!! I no longer count calories and I eat my delicious whole foods to my heart's content! The scale keeps going down and my energy keeps going up! 

So in closing I really want to thank Chef Fernando for being a pioneer in bringing this delicious and nutritious food  to the restaurant venue, there really isn't any place like it! Fernando you have given me my life back. I have so much joy now and it all started with you and your PBS interview."
 -  Sharyn Councell
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