One is the Loneliest Number!

So you have watched the videos and documentaries and are now excited to change over to a plant-based diet and experience for yourself the amazing health benefits! The only problem is that you are the only person in your household who wants to make this change. If this is your situation, realize that you are not alone. Here are some suggestions that will help you stay successful in your plant-based journey and keep everyone in the family happy.

  • Don’t try to convert your family. While it feels tempting to convince everyone to go plant-based, people are very protective about their dietary choices  and can easily feel threatened.  Begin by modeling your new lifestyle through showing and sharing delicious food and the great health benefits.  You will attract more bees with honey.

  • Strategies if you're the cook. (It’s actually easier if you are the cook!)

  • Make a plant-based meal while also offering a small side of chicken or fish.  Allow your family to taste for themselves the great flavors of plant-based meals.
  • Try making dishes that can have minimal animal protein added after they have been cooked (i.e spaghetti and meatballs, casseroles, soups).  That way you can take your portion (and add in beans or tofu) before adding the animal protein.  

  • ‘Make-your-own’ nights are fun and creative.  Set out bowls of  various toppings and then let everyone create their own version of the meal.  This works great for dishes like pizzas, stuffed baked potatoes, tacos, and monster salads.

  • Strategies if you’re not the cook. This can be a little more tricky!  We recommend that you talk to whomever is doing the cooking and ask them to plate your portion before they add the animal protein (and then you add beans or tofu to your meal).  You can also do some batch cooking on the weekends (soups, casseroles, salads, etc) and  eat those meals with your family. PlantPure frozen entrees and Kitchen Starters and are also easy and convenient options.  These are easy and quick to prepare before you sit down with your family.

  • Ultimately, the goal is to find a middle ground where everyone feels like their values are being respected.  As you begin to look and feel healthier, your family will naturally be drawn to your lifestyle and want to try it out.  The key is to model that you love the food, the way you feel, and that eating plant-based is satisfying and easy.


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