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Helping Kids Try a Plant-Based Diet

Whether you were a picky eater as a child or not, chances are if you are a parent, you have dealt with the struggle of trying to get a child to eat a certain food. If your kids have grown up eating the Standard American Diet or basically any other diet besides a whole food plant-based one, chances are that they will be at least a little reluctant to try some of the new foods and this new way of eating. 

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Building School Lunches

Building school lunches was an important task when getting our kids off to school.  As busy working parents, we came up with a variety of simple ideas that were quick and easy to put together.  Eventually the kids took over and have since reminded me of the ‘formula’ I used when teaching them to build their own lunches. 

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One is the Loneliest Number!

So you have watched the videos and documentaries and are now excited to change over to a plant-based diet and experience for yourself the amazing health benefits!  The only problem is that you are the only person in your household who wants to make this change.  If this is your situation, realize that you are not alone.

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Summer Fun with Kids

I know I tend to stick to ‘food,’ so this blog is slightly off topic.  But this is about a topic I love – kids!  My first career was teaching, and in between years of teaching, I spent some time at home with three kids.  I think it is safe to say I spent lots of time with kids, inside and outside the

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Where Do Our Tastebuds Begin?

The tastebuds of children are not as hard to shape as many people assume. Childhood taste buds left to their own devices, however, can form poor eating habits that last a lifetime. In an NPR interview with Bee Wilson, author of “Baby’s First Bite”, Wilson makes the point that as humans, we’re all hardwired toRead more The post Where Do Our Tastebuds Begin? appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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Are You a Picky Plant-Based Eater?

Are you a picky eater, or do you have picky eaters in your household? Shifting to a plant-based diet often means shifting our taste buds, which can be a difficult task for picky eaters. Starting out with flavors you’re comfortable with, along with plant foods without strong flavor notes, is a good first step inRead more The post Are You a Picky Plant-Based Eater? appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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Plant-Based Lunchboxes

With limited healthy options in school cafeterias, packing a plant-based lunch is your best option, but it may seem time-consuming and stressful. Follow some of these ideas and tips to make lunch-packing an easy part of your routine. 1.) Keep it simple. Dreena Burton’s Guide for Plant-Based Lunchboxes emphasizes the importance of sticking with thingsRead more The post Plant-Based Lunchboxes appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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Food is Elementary

Listen to Antonia Demas, founder and director of the Food Studies Institute, discuss overhauling food education on the Plant Yourself Podcast by visiting:   Demas became interested in food and nutrition at a young age, becoming a vegetarian at 14, when vegetarianism was far less common. Her passion is educating children about food, through whatRead more The post Food is Elementary appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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