PlantPure and Naked Food Magazine are Joining Forces, with Free Digital Subscription!

by BOLD SUPPORT December 17, 2016

Just in time for the holidays, Naked Food magazine is giving a special ongoing gift to the world.  The award-winning plant-based nutrition publication is offering free digital subscriptions —an annual value of $9.95 – $16.95— to everyone who wishes to subscribe.

The goal of this independent publication is to continue powering the science behind prevention and reversal of disease through plant-based nutrition—the lifestyle that has proven to give limitless benefits to human health, while also being the kindest and most sustainable lifestyle for animals and the planet. “Every one of our magazine subscribers has played a critical part in its success, and has helped us achieve goals like this.” Says Margarita Restrepo, editor-in-chief.  “I have made it a personal vow to shed light about using food as medicine and this life-saving information should be available to everyone.”

Naked Food is also becoming the voice for the PlantPure Movement: a grassroots, community-based strategy that demonstrates how bringing the message of plant-based nutrition to family, friends, and neighbors at the local level can solve a social problem that industry and government have failed to remedy. “We are joining hands with Margarita and her team to help build a magazine that can ignite real social change.”  Says Nelson Campbell, President of PlantPure.  “This change must happen locally; it cannot be dictated from a distance by government, especially one so beholden to powerful special interests.”

Starting now, everyone will be able to sign up for free quarterly digital issues of Naked Food magazine (or gift a free digital subscription to a friend), at (The direct link to the subscription page is

Print subscriptions are also available for one or two years starting at $24.95.


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