Success with Yogurt in the Instant Pot!

by BOLD SUPPORT January 05, 2017

Success with Yogurt in the Instant Pot!

Kim Campbell

Just looking at that “yogurt” button on my Instant Pot was always intimidating.  However, I recently decided to read up on the process and watch more than a few instructional videos. My first few attempts were a bit of a disaster.  When I finally reached a success point (a few weeks later), I was very concerned about the cost of the yogurt starter and began using acidophilus capsules which are much cheaper and easier to access.  I had to make a few batches to figure out exactly how many capsules would create the consistency I found acceptable.  There are so many different ways to go about making yogurt but I found “my” success in the following steps.  You can alter this but remember, any changes could result in a very different outcome.

  1. Buy a quart of shelf stable unsweetened soy milk. I use only “WestSoy” brand that is unsweetened.  You can also find this brand at most grocery stores.  Always look for a brand that has only soy and water.  Other milks have ingredients that often hinder the growth of your starter.  If you want to try making yogurt with another plant based milks, you may want to do some research because some milks are better than others
  2. Buy a yogurt starter. There are many available but not all are plant based and many can be pretty expensive.  My best results were using dairy free acidophilus capsules.  I chose the brand “Solgar-Advanced 40+ Acidophilus“ , which I purchased through Amazon.
  3. Place one quart (4 cups) soy milk into a blender. Turn the blender on low and while the milk is churning, pour the contents of 3-4 (I prefer 4) acidophilus capsules into the blender.  This will assure that the starter will become evenly distributed in the milk.
  4. Pour the milk into small mason jars. I usually get about 6 small jars filled that fit into my Instant Pot which are perfect for individual servings.  Place the jars (uncovered) into your Instant Pot.  Place the Instant Pot lid into the lock position and close the vent.
  5. Press the yogurt button and adjust the time for 9:30 minutes. It will count up (rather than down when you are using your pressure cook mode).  I usually make yogurt at night before we go to bed and it’s ready in the morning.
  6. After 9:30 minutes your Instant Pot will beep. Don’t worry if you are not available to remove it at exactly that time.  Yogurt will get tangier the longer it stays in the Instant Pot so keep that in mind.  Remove the jars from the Instant Pot and cover.  I find that if you refrigerate them a few hours after they are finished, the yogurt will become firmer.
  7. We prefer our yogurt with a small amount of maple syrup, fruit, and granola. You can also use yogurt for dips, sauces, and dressings. It keeps for 4-5 days only so enjoy it sooner than later!  Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you ever avoided that “yogurt” button.  Enjoy!!


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