What The Heck Is An Instant Pot® and How Do I Use It?

Laura Dietrich

As a plant-based eater I have heard quite a few people rave about their Instant Pots.  The only problem for me was that I knew very little about what it was or how to use it.  A friend demonstrated making black beans from scratch and I instantly wanted to have one of my own.

The wonderful thing about the pot is that it will cook everything extremely fast.  Beans can be cooked without any soaking and are usually done in 30-40 minutes.  My husband uses it to make steel cut oats for his breakfast in about 5 minutes (it normally takes between 20-25 minutes).  Another great feature is that you can put your grains, beans and veggies into the pot and set the desired length of cooking time and then walk away.  When the cooking is complete the pot will keep the food warm for a set period of time and then turn off.  I find this feature to be very convenient because I often do not have the time to wait 40 minutes for something to cook.

I want to share my favorite recipe using our Instant Pot®, but first need to give a bit of a background story.  I am 52 and have never eaten a lima bean unless force fed as a child.  My husband and I were doing a cooking class and he wanted to demonstrate the Instant Pot®, and made lima beans.  Everyone in the class loved them and asked why I did not take a taste.  After my confession, they shamed me into trying a spoonful and I loved them!  I could not believe how rich and creamy they were and have been regularly making this recipe ever since.


Frank’s Instant Pot® Lima Beans

16 oz. bag dry baby lima beans

8-9 cups water (there will be some extra broth that is really delicious)

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon Better Than Bouillon Seasoned Vegetable Base

2-3 teaspoons chili powder

Rinse and sort beans.  Place everything in the pot and press the “Bean” button.  Adjust the time to 35 minutes.  You can either eat immediately or if you like your beans a bit creamier than allow the pot to naturally release the pressure.


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