Meal Starter Ideas

Each PlantPure Meal Starter comes with a simple recipe on the back. We suggest you try this first, then check out the bonus recipes in this database. Just click on the name of the meal starter under "Categories" to see the original recipe, plus one or more bonus recipes.

Keep coming back because we'll be adding more bonus recipes as we create them.

And of course, feel free to experiment with your own recipes using these meal starters. If you come up with a good one, contact us and we’ll consider adding it to our database so others can benefit from your creativity.

We hope you enjoy all these options!

Nacho 'Cheeze' Sauce

You won't miss a traditional nacho sauce after you try this recipe, especially because it's so easy to make. We like to keep a container of this in the fridge so it's always on hand for topping baked potatoes, tacos, pizza, or tortilla chips.

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Aztec Rice

This one-pot meal makes dinner preparation quick and easy. While it's great on its own, it also makes a wonderful filling for a taco dinner or a salad-style burrito bowl served with greens, salsa, and lots of avocado slices or guacamole.

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Pupusas originated in El Salvador and are delicious savory round corn cakes stuffed with refried beans and cooked on a hot griddle.

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