A Testimony From PlantPure Challenge Winner Karen Kulik

"Hi, My name is Karen and I am 63 years old. My story starts in 2013. I had high blood pressure and had a hard time finding meds I could tolerate. I was at my highest weight,167lbs. All my life I have yoyo'd up and down as much as 25-30 lbs. always to gain it back yet again. I read Joel Furmans' Eat to Live and thought, well I'll give it a try for a month, can't hurt. During that month I also started to educate myself.

I watched hundreds of youtube videos by lots of plant based people. I read The China Study, Whole, The Starch Solution, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, all the good ones with the latest being How Not to Die. I watched lectures by Alan Goldhammer, Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell, John McDougall, Pamela Popper, Neal Barnard, all doctors all with stellar reputations. AND I was losing weight steadily and eating all the plant foods I wanted... I was in heaven. I also became aware of the horror of factory farming, animal cruelty, and environmental damage the standard American diet causes.

So now, in 2017, I easily maintain a healthy 117 lbs.on my 5'5' frame. I take NO meds, I have super energy, I exercise every day, I eat whatever and however much I want from the plant kingdom and it's whole plant foods. I feel like I am thriving and content..I plan to grow old and die, not grow old and be sick for years and then die. This is how we were meant to eat and live. Thanks so much to all the dedicated doctors, authors, and youtubers who helped educate me on my plant-based path. I now, can't see living any other way. It really is possible to teach an old dog some new tricks!!"

 - Karen Kulik


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