Indianapolis’ Urban Farms Help to Tackle Urban Problems

Indianapolis’ Urban Farms Help Tackle Urban Problems

Indy Urban Acres, a “high-tech hydroponic farm,” is tackling food and job insecurity in Indianapolis. On just five acres of land, the farm produces 35,000 pounds of produce for local food banks annually. The other three acres of the farm are used as an educational space, which is central to the farm’s mission.

Tyler Gough, farm manager of Indy Urban Acres, says that, “Teaching people that they can have control over their own nutrition is the most important task.” By educating children on the importance of growing food, the farm’s initiative may potentially be passed down through future generations, and continue to flourish in Indianapolis. Education however, doesn’t end here. The farm supplies produce to “Public Greens Urban Kitchen,” which supplies after-school meals and summer lunches to Indianapolis students. Education at the restaurant includes lessons on nutrition, health, and preparing food among other topics, which gives students the tools for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

The city’s newest farm, Farm 360, is not only combatting local unemployment, but is in the process of selling to a local school system, and several major hospitals in the city. The urban farming initiative in Indiana is not only combating food and economic insecurity, but it’s improving the health of its residents as a result.

Visit to learn more about Indy Urban Acres, make a donation, or get involved.


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