A Testimonial From PlantPure Challenge Winner Nancy Matthews

"Hi! My name is Nancy Mathews, and I’m 53 years young. I’ve been whole food plant based since March 1st, 2012. My journey began when I gained 60 pounds after quitting smoking. One addiction led to another. I ate everything not nailed down. I was also 40 pounds +/- overweight when I quit smoking. I felt terrible, I was short of breath, out of shape, all my joints hurt plus I was starting the menopause journey.

I had lost 20 pounds through Weight Watchers, but didn’t feel any better. My knees hurt, my back hurt, and I was still short of breath. Then a miracle happened. I saw the Forks over Knives link come through my wall on Facebook. The title intrigued me.  I was a Netflix member I thought, what the heck, I’m watching it. Along with my husband we watched Forks Over Knives.

 [I want to interject right here that my father was classified as a cardiac cripple. At 47 years of age he had his first heart attack. He proceeded to have multiple heart attacks, two open heart surgeries that resulted in 13 veins being bypassed, developed congestive heart failure, then died from carcinoid cancer. I should also mention my mom has advanced chronic osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and is a breast cancer survivor].  

My future was not only looking short, but very unhealthy at best. I’m having a very hard time putting into words the profound impact watching Forks over Knives had on me. I cried my eyes out while watching the documentary. I went through every emotion there is. I felt robbed, betrayed, sad, mad, I felt the loss of my dad all over again, I felt like a horrible parent, I felt sadness for our country. I could go on and on.  Then, I felt grateful as my personal universe had just tilted on its axis. Life as I had known it had changed FOREVER, and there was hope.

I should mention, that I was raised on a farm. My dad was a commercial walnut and almond farmer. His parents farmed and ran a dairy. My other grandparents raised market cattle. So, when I say my universe turned on its axis, it not only shifted, it turned upside down! 

After the movie finished, I looked at my amazing husband and said I’m done; we went directly into our kitchen and cleared it, we gutted it, we threw out everything and I mean everything. That was March 1st 2012. I call it my rebirth day as I’ve never turned back. Here I am 4 years later; I’m now down another 75 pounds. I feel amazing; no more shortness of breath, nor more fatigue, no more brain fog, no more joint pain, and my skin is amazing. I made it through menopause with weight loss not weight gain. I’ve ran two half marathons, I’m training for a 75 mile bicycle ride, and most importantly, I’ve recently been approved to start a Plant Pure Nation POD / Group in my hometown. I’m planning our first meeting in a few weeks.  This is my journey, to help spread the word through Plant Pure Nation, through my personal success. I have to share what I learned. 

During these four years I’ve done immense self-education through books, documentaries, and YouTube videos. I’m like a squirrel after a nut. I can’t get enough education in Plant Based Nutrition. I’ve made the decision to earn my E-Cornell Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition as well as becoming Starch Solution certified and last but not least, PCRM certified. I want to share my journey with the world. I want to help people. I don’t want one more person to live like my dad did or die like he did. As previously mentioned, I’m 53 years old I feel like a kid again. I feel better at 53 than I did at 30.  

I owe my rebirth to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Rip Esselstyn, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Tom Campbell, Nelson Campbell, Chef AJ, Dr. Fuhrman, and to the many other Whole Food Plant based professionals who have steered my future in Plant Based Nutrition.  I am forever grateful and hopeful."
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