The Food We Eat

This Ted Talk explores the state of food in America, why we eat what we eat, and how our supermarkets have shaped the future of food.  Food editor and writer Mark Bittman explains why 40% of the food in American supermarkets doesn’t qualify as real food.  Bittman notes that food, by its dictionary definition, is “something that sustains and nourishes,” and the definition of nourishment is “something that increases your health.”

Bittman goes on to compare food norms today versus food norms 100 years ago when “hardly anything contained more than one ingredient, because it was an ingredient.”  He then goes on to explain how the industrialization of food production led to the junk food lining the aisles of our supermarkets today.  Bittman, however, says the rules for what constitutes wholesome food are simple.  First, you must define food, which by definition, shouldn’t come with labels.  Second, within this category, “eat as many plants as you can stand to eat.”  Unlike the labels on processed foods that may contain a healthy ingredient here and there, with plants he says, “It’s not the plants, it’s not the beta-carotene, it’s the carrot.”  

The solution lies in taking ownership of our diet.  Bittman sums this up with simple advice:

The evidence is very clear that plants promote health – the evidence is overwhelming at this point. You eat more plants, you eat less other stuff, you live longer.

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